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Hey, welcome to my blog, Rhicard's Rambling's.

Here I share posts about my everyday life, positivity, fashion, lifestyle, travel, food and anything else that crosses my mind... I just really enjoy writing.

Please feel free to comment/like and share my posts as I love to know people are actually reading!

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I started my blogging journey back in 2019 after many failed blog domain attempts. I was studying Journalism at college when one of the assignments was to create and promote your own website- this was like music to my ears. I had always wanted my own blog, and now I got to create one whilst working towards a pass in my assignment.


Fast forward to now, I did pass that assignment, in fact I actually passed my whole course and now have a HND in Journalism. Along the way of my college journey, I realized that being a full time journalist wasn't the route I wanted to take, and that I actually enjoyed writing when I wanted and chose to, rather than when I had to.


I now work a full time job in the rail industry as a pre construction bidder, which I am currently loving. I find myself writing blog posts late nights and into the weekend, with a constant ongoing list of new ideas. I have a huge passion for writing and believe it will always be something I love and enjoy.


With every door that closes, a new opportunity awaits. Join me as I share my fashion and lifestyle tips, celebrity gossip, beauty finds and so much more.


"Stop being so afraid of what might go wrong, and think about what could go right"

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